Classic Auto Carpet from D&M Restoration

Classic Auto CarpetClassic Auto Carpet, a newly formed division of D&M Restoration, is proud to provide you with 100% AMERICAN made carpet and carpet products from the #1 carpet manufacturer, AUTO CUSTOM CARPETS, INC.!  Please check our web store for the MOST competitive pricing available.



We sell Classic Auto Carpet including-

Molded Carpet Kits:red molded carpet from ACC

  • Material Choices – (Cutpile,Loop,Nylon,Truvette,Daytona,Tuxedo,Grospoint)
  • Molded to fit the contours of your specific floor pan (trimming may be required).
  • Padding — Included where padding was original.
  • Heel Pad — Accurately applied using the same method as the OEM.
  • Meets or exceeds OEM specifications.
  • Optional items including kick panels, door planels, wheel wells, tail gate pieces, etc.


Cut and Sewn Carpet Kits:Cut and Sewn Carpet

  • Material Choices – (Cutpile,Loop,Nylon,Truvette,Daytona,Tuxedo,Grospoint)
  • Cut using CAD controlled CNC equipment for precise fit.
  • Vinyl or suge-bound edges per original specifications.
  • Heel Pad — Accurately applied using the same method as the OEM.
  • Padding — Included where padding was original.
  • Original style materials to match original material.



Floor Mats:Floor Mats

  • Material Choices – (Cutpile,Loop,Nylon,Truvette,Daytona,Tuxedo,Grospoint)
  • Nibbed backing for non-slip
  • Vinyl or serge binding
  • Grommets standard on some models
  • Over 230 licensed embroidered logos
  • Carpet cargo mats also available
  • Custom fit based on your year, make, & model



Trunk Mats:Trunk Mats

  • Die-Cut or Molded
  • Six material choices (Vinyl,Burtex, Foam,Fleece,Felt,Cardboard)
  • Over 40 patterns
  • Largest application listing in the industry

Backing (Standard or Mass):

  • Great sound and heat barrier.
  • Increases the overall look of the carpet after installation.
  • Add-on option for most any Molded Carpet.
  • Approximately 45 mil thick EVA material.

And Sound Deadners:

  • Adds a layer of insulation
  • Cut to fit for some vehicles
  • Available in three materials (Eva, Foil with Pad and Mastic with Pad)
  • Sold in sheets for custom projects






Complete you classic car restoration project with new carpet, floor mats, trunks mats, etc. at the best prices!  Visit our online store at Classic Auto Carpet today and enjoy your complete classic car restoration for years to come!