Misc. Services

The following is a list of miscellaneous services we provide

 In addition for gauge repair/restoration, small motors and radios D&M has provides other Miscellaneous services. Please contact us for your specific needs if they are not featured below!


  • Glove Box Doors (Corvettes Only)– we restore yours to NCRS specifications, replacing the stainless steel inserts without harming the original rivets.

cablexThe Cable X is an easy way to operate a mechanical speedometer without having to deal with long messy cables and the hours of downtime installing drive gears in a transmission.  The Cable X is basically an adapter that will pick up the electronic signal and will operate the cable driven speedometer to the corresponding speed.  The Cable X is  accurate plus or minus 2% on most vehicle’s OEM electronic speed signal.


The Cable X is a snap to install.  You can do it quick and easily:

  • Red Wire – Hot wire, ignition on
  • Black Wire – Ground
  • White Wire – Signal from sensor


  • Climate Control Units: We repair climate control units for classic Corvettes, which can include restoring or replacing the lens.
Corvette Climate Control Unit
Custom Work –

  • Convert your instruments from mechanical to electric
  • Convert your gauges from 6 Volt to 12 Volt
  • Restore faces to original OR changing colors to your specs.
  • In house produced light filters
    • 58-62filterset

      58-62 Set

    • 63-67filterset

      63-67 Set

    • 53-62smallgaugefilterset

      53-62 Set

    • 53-57smallbeamandfilterset

      53-57 Cvt. Set

    • 72-75 Corvette Radio Dial Overlay

      72-75 Corvette Radio Dial Overlay

    • 63-64cvtsingledigitradiodialoverlay

      63-64 Corvette Signal digit Radio Dial Overlay

    • 65-67cvtradiodialoverlay

      65-67 Corvette Radio Dial Overlay

    • 68-71 Corvette Radio Dial Overlay

      68-71 Corvette Radio Dial Overlay

  • Call with your needs and/or ideas!

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