D&M Restoration
Classic Car Instrument Restoration Services

Check it out! – In addition to our service work we offer Carpets, Restored items and replacement parts for Corvette Instruments.  Contact us for these items to complete your classic auto restoration. 

D & M Restoration has a wealth of experience repairing and restoring all antique, classic and vintage automobile instruments and gauges back to factory original condition. We know how valuable YOUR unit is to YOU and we WILL NOT exchange it for a replacement unless arrangements are discussed beforehand. Below is a list of our major car instrument restoration services.  But not a comprehensive list, visit each link and view our before and after photos of some of our work.

D & M Restoration works with any instruments from all makes and models of vintage, classic, antique or muscle cars. We do extensive work with (but are not limited to) Chevrolet, Ford, Chrysler, Dodge, Pontiac, GM, Ferrari, BMW, Corvette, Firebird, Camaro, Chevelle, Corvair, Mustang, Thunderbird!

  • Speedometers   We repair, restore and calibrate all auto speedometers back to factory original quality and specifications.
  • Tachometers We repair and restore all auto tachometers to original condition.  For the high energy systems, we have designed our own circuit boards for proper operation.
  • Clocks (Quartz or Stock)   We repair and restore any car clock back to its stock/original condition.  We also are able to convert almost any clock to quartz movement.
  • Radio Repair 
  • We repair and restore all early car radios. We have over 80 years of combined experience.
  • GaugesWe can rebuild and restore all gauges, including those most difficult gas filled temperature gauges.
  • ClustersWe can restore and rebuild your entire gauge cluster back to its original appearance and make all instruments work and look like new.
  • Headlight and Wiper Motors We repair and restore wiper and power window motors.  We also repair and restore headlight motors for your ’63 to ’67 Corvette.
  • In-house PrintingAll face printing is done in-house with our own professional printing equipment.  This way we can control the quality as well as the safety of your property.
  • Miscellaneous Services Some of our other services: Glove box doors, Climate control units, Cable X conversions, custom creations, etc.

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