Radio Repair

D&M Restoration provides general repair or full restoration services for classic and vintage car radios from the 1920’s through 1980.


Our general repair service for auto radios included the following items:

  • We service your tuner and push button mechanism including its adjustment and lubrication.
  • We align the AM and FM radio frequency, intermediate frequency, oscillator, audio amplifier and stereo multiplex circuitry after repair and replacement of defective parts.
  • We align the audio output bias voltages to the factor specified settings, clean or replace scratchy volume controls, install fresh dial lamps and buff and polish chrome and plastic dial plates.

If you have a unit with a Wonderbar type automatic tuning mechanism, we disassemble it to clean (including the speed governor mechanism), lubricate and adjust lever and switch trip points and clean relay and switch contactors.

If your radio uses a mechanical vibrator to generate its tube voltages, we replace the buffer capacitors, test the vibrator and replace it with a solid state unit as necessary to assure a long and reliable service life.

We disassemble your 8 track or cassette tape player, clean critical areas, adjust mechanical and electrical points and lubricate the unit. We also change the physically and electrically leaking capacitors in the motor speed regulator, pre-amplifier and main amplifier stages and install new drive belts as needed.

In summation, we inspect every stage of your unit for correct operation!

Enhanced restoration services are available which include chassis cleaning, dial face reproduction and case painting.

Please contact us with your specific requests.



FM/Audio Imput Module Upgrade  –  Lastest Innovation from D&M Restoration  (This is not included in our baseline repair/restoration –  This upgrade is a different cost depending on your radio.  Please call for additional information!)

FMR-1 receiver PCB — THIS IS THE PRODUCT THAT HAS THE COMPETITION IN A PANIC!! If you’re familiar with the “other” stereo conversion PCB, compare it with this one — you’ll be astounded! Better reception, more features, no funny bugs or idiosyncrasies — your radio will have a refined “feel” to it. This product is installed in your ORIGINAL radio! Unlike those expensive “repro radios”, your radio will not only look, but FEEL original! No chintzy motor-driven dial pointers; your tuning knob, pushbuttons, Rotomatic, Wonderbar, Town & Country, or other mechanism will operate just like it did before, in FM mode as well as AM. The radio looks* and operates the same (with a few enhancements) but has FM Stereo, and vastly improved sound quality. Put modern sound in your car without compromising the appearance of the dash! NEW! FMR Receiver PCB for stereo conversion!

*Depending on the radio model some alterations may need to be done to the case. Check with us if you have any questions. Radio on the dash will look totally original and electronics will be replaced.


The below video is for a previous model (FMC) than what we are using but operation is much the same



If you are sending in a radio for conversion please print off and fill out our radio conversion form

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