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Speedometer Repair


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Without an accurate and functional speedometer, any classic car restoration project would not be complete. At D&M Restoration, we specialize in complete speedometer repair and restoration. We have the necessary facilities for rebuilding and restoring all antique, classic and vintage car speedometers; including Stewart Warner, King Seeley, Waltham, Autolite, Northeast, AC Delco, Faria, Jaeger, etc.

D&M Restoration can work with speedometers from any make and model of vintage, classic, antique or muscle car. We do extensive work with (but are not limited to) Chevrolet, Ford, Chrysler, Dodge, Pontiac, GM, Ferrari, BMW, Corvette, Firebird, Camaro, Chevelle, Corvair, Mustang, Thunderbird!

A general list of what we do in our Speedometer Repair and Restorations

  • Rebuild the speedometer head
  • rebuild the main frame
  • Clean, Lubricate, and Calibrate
  • Install new magnets and worm gears
  • repair or replace odometer
  • repair or replace trip odometer
  • repaint or replace needle
  • Extensively Bench Test before shipping back


We have thousands of automobile speedometer parts such as odometer wheels, speed cups, magnets, mainframes, lenses, needles, cup and magnet jewels, hair springs, etc, all N.O.S from our many speedometer shop buyouts. Call us today to discuss your car’s speedometer restoration needs.

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