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Got the wiper motor back today. Looks great, very professional looking work. Thank you so much, other companies never responded or said those motors were not restorable!

Robert Huffman    March 2, 2017   

Sam knocked it out of the park! The only way you could better this is to buy it new, but then it wouldn't be original. The part looks great and works great. They should be part of your restoration team no matter what make of your vehicle. Thanks!

Author *Rob Tathwell    September 30, 2016   

The restoration included electronic ignition. The folks at the shop said they can send out the tach but it wouldn't be accurate. My friend recommended D&M. I sent out the tach and turn around time was incredible (less than a week door to door ). However it was just the conversion, I did not opt for any restoration or cleaning. The tach was installed and works beautifully. It doesn't vibrate, jump and its within 200 rpms. How do I know? I had installed efi with and the readout was putting about +-200 rpm to the tach. If anyone were to do a conversion I recommend D&M. However, during engine break in, the needle did fall off. It was an easy fix.

Ryan B.    July 13, 2016   

I have used you before, and the gauges I sent in were always fantastic when I got them back. I log onto a blog for Mopar A Bodies every day, (www.forabodiesonly.com) and their are FREQUENTLY questions about gauges not working. You should consider checking out the site and maybe even being a vendor. If even half of the people with problems sent you their stuff, that would be a lot of business. I have referred several people to you on that site (mostly IVR problems. Here is what I just posted to a person whose gas gauge always reads full today:
"First, The idea to unplug the wire from the Sending unit is a good one. If the sending unit (which does not actually send anything; that is just what we call them) has failed and is allowing current to flow through to a ground, that would explain your full tank reading. That is how the sending unit works; the more current the resistor allows to flow through to the tank's ground, the more fuel the gauge will show. Before you buy a new gauge, I would SERIOUSLY consider mailing the old one to D&M Restorations. They have done work for me before, and their work and knowledge are second to none.

Mike Harrison    October 21, 2015   

Patrick / Travis
Just a brief note to thank you for the great work in restoring the instrument cluster and glove box door for my 1966 Corvette
I actually enjoy driving the Vette more now with everything working properly, plus the new wiring harness and lighting has dramatically improved the experience.
I will be sure to recommend your services and make a post on the Corvette Forum
Roger Lehmann
Wall NJ

Roger Lehmann    August 21, 2015   

The TACH looks and work great for our 1969 AMC AMX. Very nice work!

T Harding    June 22, 2015   

Terry you are doing a fantastic job on my wiper motor! Keep it up! iI looks very professional & I think it will be a great asset to the restoration of my show car (1941 Chrysler new Yorker) special edition. I am looking foreword to getting it. I am going to place you on one of my outstanding restoration contributor signs at car shows I enter, (for real!!).

Phillip Post    March 31, 2015   

I just wanted you to know that I received my instrument cluster for the 61 Valiant and it looks great. It's nice to work with people that actually do what they say they will do.

Tom E.

Tom E.    February 26, 2015   

Just received my 67 corvette speed alert pod back from D&M an could not have asked for a better job. Speedometer hand was straighten and tach rebuilt and both calb. Plus touch of hands and dials. Thank you Mike. Ron

ron    October 1, 2014   
Author Picture

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you very much for the quick service on my Wonderbar radio and heater motor. I am forwarding you a couple of photos of my car 239/300 as it is being displayed this week (Aug 28th, 2014) at the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green Kentucky. I couldn't had made it without your assistance.

Thanks very much!
David D'Onofrio

David D'Onofrio    August 28, 2014   

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